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This Chorizo Stuffed Poblano Peppers Recipe is SO delicious. Please tell me you’ve been fortunate enough to try Chorizo! It’s like a garlicky, paprika-y bacon-y sausage. Seriously, it’s to die for! Because Mahón-Menorca cheese is from a gorgeous island in Spain, I wanted to incorporate another Spanish ingredient to highlight both of their flavors.

This recipe is super simple, because both the chorizo and the semi-hard Mahón cheese pack a TON of flavor and do most of the work for you! The recipe calls for semi-cured Mahón-Menorca cheese. The crust of this cheese is orange or dun in color with an interior that is a ivory yellow. It is a firm cheese, but still easy to cut. Each piece of cheese has irregularly distributed holes throughout. It has more developed milky taste, with notes of butter and hazelnut (YUM!). You will LOVE it in this recipe!

Chorizo Stuffed Poblano Peppers Recipe

This Chorizo Stuffed Poblano Peppers Recipe is the PERFECT appetizer! Each person can get their own half of a poblano pepper! It’s both filling and super flavorful! You can top with cilantro, extra shaved cured Mahón-Menorca cheese, and/ or sour cream! These are sure to be a crowd pleaser! I hope you enjoy them!

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Chorizo Stuffed Poblano Peppers Recipe

Chorizo Stuffed Poblano Peppers Recipe

  • Author: Caroline Fausel



1 lb chorizo sausage without casing

1.5 cup Semi-Cured Mahón-Menorca cheese, cubed in 1/2 in cubes

3 roma tomatoes, chopped

1/2 onion, chopped

Salt to taste

5 poblano peppers, cut in half lengthwise
top with cilantro, sliced jalapeños, and/ or sour cream


Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

In a cast iron skillet, cook the chorizo sausage until cooked through.

Meanwhile, in a large mixing bowl, add tomatoes, Semi-Cured Mahón-Menorca cheese, the chopped onion, and salt to taste.

Add the cooked chorizo to the mixing bowl and stir to combine.

Align each poblano pepper about an inch apart on a cookie sheet. Stuff each pepper until it is filled with the chorizo Mahón-Menorca cheese mixture.

Cook until the cheese is melted, about 10 minutes.

Remove from the oven and top with cilantro, jalapeños, extra shaved cured Mahón-Menorca cheese, and/ or sour cream.

Serve one per person as an appetizer. Enjoy!

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Chorizo Stuffed Poblano Peppers Recipe