Today on the show we’re talking about building habits. Are you struggling with sticking to your goals and maintaining good habits? You’re not alone! Join us today as we chat with Scott Friedman, fitness motivational speaker, fitness coach, and host of the Power of Progress podcast. In our conversation, we’ll dig deep into the world of habits, discover why it’s so difficult to maintain them and learn how to set bigger-picture goals to keep us motivated.

Together with Scott, we’ll explore the journey from merely wanting to achieve a goal to actually accomplishing it. We’ll discuss the significance of identifying your goal, getting emotionally invested in it, and creating actionable steps to reach it. Moreover, we’ll dive into the importance of understanding why you want to make a change and having a clear plan of action to follow. Lastly, we’ll touch on how everyone’s journey is unique and how seeking guidance from an expert can be the key to unlocking your potential.

Don’t miss our insightful conversation about the power of habits and why they take time to show results. We’ll talk about the importance of hydration, momentum, and how small changes can snowball into a lasting impact. Scott will share his strategies for remembering why you are pursuing a goal and staying accountable to it. So come along, and let’s learn to build and maintain better habits with Scott Friedman!

Listen to the show, Building Habits: 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Fitness behavioral change coaching
  • Evolutionary response to laziness 
  • The importance of personal help
  • Building habits for lasting change 
  • The power of saying yes 
  • Building habits that stick
  • The importance of persistence

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