A healthy, Paleo Meal Delivery Service is basically what my dreams are made of… When I was invited to try Sun Basket, I knew I was going to love it. So here’s a Sun Basket review for you, along with a Sun Basket Promo Code to get you $35 off your first box (trust me, you’re going to want to do this!).

$30 off Sun Basket Review Meal Delivery Service

Things I absolutely LOVED about Sun Basket:

  • No meal planning.
  • 3 meals for 2 or 4 people delivered straight to your door weekly.
  • Paleo meal plans available!! (and gluten-free and vegetarian)
  • Each recipe only takes 30 minutes to cook!
  • Organic, non-GMO ingredients that are sustainably raised/ grown/ caught/ farmed
  • Perfectly-portioned ingredients, which means NO prep!! You only get as much of each ingredient that you will use in the recipe. No “use 1 piece of celery root” and have 10 leftover…. (eyeroll). So it totally feels less wasteful in that regard. You also kind of feel like you’re on a cooking show, where everything is measured in advance… that’s always a win in my book 😉
  • Exotic, gourmet recipes that are easy to cook. Like I mentioned, even I, a food blogger, wouldn’t come up with these recipes!!
  • Exposure to new ingredients. These are the ingredients I had never used before I tried Sun Basket: kaffir lime leaves, harissa powder, and nigella seeds… I know, right?!
  • I now love salmon, and I never have!!! Guys, this is EPIC. My sister is deathly allergic to all seafood, so we couldn’t eat it growing up… So I’ve never really liked it, much less wanted to spend the big bucks to try it at home. This wild-caught, fresh, curried salmon was to. die. for. Hurray!
  • Breakfast recipes available

Let me first paint the picture for you: I had just spent roughly 30 minutes meal planning, was absolutely dreading going to the grocery store, got all packed up, and knock, knock, knock. Hmm… I wonder who that is? I opened the door, and there at my feet was the beautifully designed Sun Basket box. I could have lept for joy I was so excited!! (Ok, I did…. 😉 ) And what a sigh of relief to NOT have to go grocery shopping (with two kiddos in tow!).

$30 off Sun Basket Review Meal Delivery Service

The 3 meals that I had pre-chosen were packed so neatly in brown bags, each with its own specifically-portioned ingredients (all of which are organic and non-GMO…). The ingredients are sourced from organic farmers that Sun Basket has a relationship with- farmers they know and trust will bring you the highest quality ingredients. Below each bag is the meat for that meal. It’s all cocooned in this foam layer that is made, of course, out of recycled plastic bags, and is recyclable itself. It all is nestled over ice packages to keep it perfectly chilled. The best part? Each meal takes approximately 30 minutes to prepare, and some of mine even took less!

It is SO easy to order- you just login into their website the week before it will be delivered and choose your 3 meals. Probably the biggest factor for me is that the offer paleo meals! Big win in my book. They also offer gluten free, vegetarian, and even breakfast options. Considering the caliber of ingredients you’re receiving, I don’t think it’s super pricey. It’s more expensive for us because we don’t usually go out to eat much, but for someone who does, this could be a more cost effective option! The plans come with three meals a week, priced at about $75 for two people and $140 for four people (about $11.49/ meal).

The recipes aren’t just good, they’re incredible. The fact that I would never (EVER) come up with these recipes is a huge motivating factor. I mean, come on… I’m a food blogger and recipe creator. I should be pretty dang creative with food. But these recipes were out of the park combinations of delicious flavors. Why is that? Because Sun Basket’s executive chef is Justine Kelly. THE Justine Kelly. She’s most widely known for her long-time role as the corporate chef de cuisine at San Francisco’s famous Slanted Door restaurant.

I made 3 meals: Grilled pork with nectarine-watercress salad, Pan-seared steak with arugula pesto, and Seared salmon with lemongrass-coconut curry. (click for the corresponding recipes).

Each one was SO easy to make and so delicious! You know what else? We were going out of town the day after we got our box, and it was actually super convenient to just take our Sun Basket with us! We got to Savannah after the kids needed to go to bed, and once we put them down we just whipped together the pan-seared steak! It was so nice to not have to worry about where we were going to eat, how to pick it up, going out with 2 babies, etc.

I can’t recommend Sun Basket’s Healthy Meal Delivery Service enough! So go ahead, try it for yourself! Get $35 off your first box, then tell me how you like it!