I’m so grateful to be able to share Jaclyn’s Whole30 Results Pictures included!! 🙂 You can find Jaclyn on instagram @squatsandsparkles! Jaclyn has lived her whole life in San Jose, California. Her favorite things to do are to spend time with her husband, family, and friends. She is a total California girl- she loves riding her beach cruiser and being in the sun. She has been a full time hairstylist for 17 years, and loves everything glam and girly! If it’s pink, leopard print or sparkles she has to have it! She’s super passionate about health and fitness, and loves helping others get started on their own healthy journeys. Her favorite workouts are spinning, lifting weights, and climbing stairs indoors or outdoors and hiking.

Jaclyn’s Whole30 Results Pictures!!

Because when anyone hears about Whole30, what they’re really looking for is Whole30 results pictures…. 🙂 Look at what an amazing transition Jaclyn has made!!

Whole30 Results Pictures | Jacyln G #whole30 #whole30recipes #whole30results  Whole30 Results Pictures | Jacyln G #whole30 #whole30results #whole30recipes

Where/ when did you first hear about Whole30?

My friend Sharla told me about it last January 2014, her and her husband had amazing results with it. I was still really attached to my oatmeal and brown rice from my typical “diet” I was working out and eating really clean because my brother was getting married in June. I debated a Paleo diet around May but still was scared to branch out because what I was doing was actually working weight loss wise. I lost a good amount and felt great at my brothers wedding. Once the wedding was over I reached out to my friend Sharla and asked a lot of questions and decided to start! I think not having an event or pressure helped. I actually was feeling good about my body at that point and had worked hard to get good results, but I knew I wanted more and I had nothing to lose in trying. I was already gluten/dairy/ soy free before starting whole 30. I have sensitivities to all of those things and would avoid them. My biggest concerns before starting whole 30 was missing oats, brown rice, peanut butter, stevia, and wine. I think everything happens for a reason and the timing was finally right. I had just made my Instagram page “squats and sparkles” and I thought it would be fun to document the process and it would keep me accountable!

When was your Whole30?

My first Whole30 was August 2014. I started just telling myself “you can do anything for 30 days” but when I got to 30 I felt so good I didn’t want to stop. I reached out to a girl on Instagram “holy mama moly” she was doing a whole 100. We chatted a little and I told her my concerns on attempting a whole 100. To be honest it was all alcohol related. I had events that I was worried about. It’s a super social thing to eat and drink. She was amazing with me and really assured me that it would be ok. She was a huge inspiration for me and I think at 60 days I decided to go for 100! I’m also doing a whole 30 now. I started December 29, 2015. I’m not sure how long I’m going to go this time. But I’m thinking at least 60.

Whole30 Results Pictures | Jaclyn G 3What was the biggest challenge you overcame during Whole30?

My biggest challenge was not having alcoholic drinks at events. I have never been a drinker during the week but on the weekend I would definitely enjoy a glass of wine at dinner or cocktails with the girls. Also letting myself be more vulnerable and document my journey on Instagram. I’m not shy at all but I was social media shy when I started.

What are some of the Non Scale Victories you experienced?

I think the biggest NSV was just my overall outlook and change in my relationship with food. And my new ability to trust the process without fear. I love that Whole30 glow on my skin, sleeping better, and waking up easier!

Whole30 Results Pictures | Jaclyn G #whole30 #whole30results #whole30recipesHow many sizes have you lost?

This year was a busy year for my family! Both brothers got married! I needed a dress in September so I was almost done with my 60 days. I ordered a size 14, and a 12. I had been around a 14/16 before the Whole30, depending on the dress. Well, to my surprise they were super big! I had to overnight a size 10, which had always been my “goal” size in my head! I was soooooo happy! Plus it was probably the cutest dress I had ever owned! It made it super easy to pack my Whole30 food in my purse and not drink at the reception which had actually been one of my concerns previously! Another victory was getting into a size 30/31 jeans because that was huge for me as well. My workout pants are all a 8-10 or medium and it honestly still shocks me to see that!

Whole30 Results Pictures Jaclyn G #whole30 #whole30results #whole30recipesWhat was your scale victory?

I actually don’t have a “scale” victory and here is why….

I have always battled the bulge. I have lost and gained all my life. So I had a close relationship with my scale and I wouldn’t say it was a healthy one. In November of 2013 my workout buddy and close friend Kimmie really stressed to me that if I was going to lift heavy weights with her she wanted me to put away my scale. She knew I was going to gain muscle and was like who cares what you weigh if you lean out. I have no idea why what she said finally clicked. I had trained hard before for my wedding and other things but this time I really decided to screw the scale. So between then and my Whole30 I probably weighed myself 5 times at the most! I also think this made a huge difference in my mind frame and being ready for Whole30. The last time I weighed was June and I started in August- I didn’t weigh myself before I started. Out of total curiosity I gave in and weighed at the end of the first 30 days. It was the lowest number I had seen in a lonnnnnng time! I put away the scale at that point again. I just figured it was working, I was still working out and lifting heavy, all my clothes were too big, and I didn’t want to start old habits of letting a number dictate how I felt about myself. So I still haven’t weighed and I don’t plan to. It’s completely unimportant to me at this point and I plan to keep it that way. But one thing I do know is from my highest weight in life (around 18 years old) to now I’ve lost over 65 lbs the last time I checked 😉

Do you have any words of wisdom for anyone currently doing a Whole30?

Trust the process!!!!!! It works! So don’t doubt it! Be kind to yourself- you’re changing your whole life so if it’s a struggle that’s ok! Just don’t give up! And read the book!!! I know that sounds funny but I’m surprised how many people try it without reading it. And most important – take pictures and measurements! I actually wish I was better at this then I am! Pictures don’t lie! And can be super motivating!

What is something you wished you had known before starting Whole30?

I wish I would have known it would change my life so much – I would have started it the second I heard about it! But a huge thing for me was I really thought I was healthy and had this all figured out. But I realized that once I was “whole30” I never craved things, and I was never starving and unsatisfied. I realize now the foods I was eating were not giving my body what I needed. Now my body is happier because it’s satisfied.

Are there any specific meals or recipes you loved during your Whole30?

I’m a huge fan of the well fed cookbooks (Well Fed & Well Fed 2). My husband and I are obsessed with the pad Thai recipe from well fed 1. I also recently made some amazing turkey sausage breakfast patties and that recipe is on my Squats and Sparkles Facebook page. And my “spaghetti” pie I made for Christmas. I actually think it would be super fun to make a cookbook with all my favorites I’ve created and hopefully that’s something I can work on in the future!

How do you eat when you’re not on a Whole30?

I never reintroduced anything that wasn’t Paleo, besides wine and champagne. I am going to eat Paleo whenever I’m not Whole30 because I feel the best when I do. My actual plan would be more Whole30 with a occasional paleo treat! Or glass of wine. That’s how I ate in November and December and I still felt great but I did notice my skin is way more glowy during a Whole30! I thought for sure I would try my beloved oats, or peanut butter, or brown rice but I still have no desire for it!

My favorite Whole30 foods

Eggs, potatoes, butternut squash, green beans, mango, coconut water, rx bars and kombucha

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