I created the #oywBSchallenge because a few months ago, I was dreaming about the Summer… I was thinking about how many women get SO intimidated by swimsuit season, and how the fear of getting into a swimsuit can really hinder our summer fun!

As humans, and especially as women, I think we tend to tell ourselves a LOT of BS about our bodies.

For me personally, I tell myself often that my hips are too wide.

I created the #oywBSchallenge to challenge the BS we tell ourselves! I want us all (myself included) to replace the BS with positive statements!

For me this would be: “I’m SO thankful for my hips that helped me bring two beautiful babies into this world!”


I really believe self esteem, confidence, and positive self-talk are a CHOICE. Regardless of our outward appearance, we have to DECIDE to go out there and be proud of who we are! Who’s with me?!

I’ve partnered with my favorite body-positive swimsuit company Kortni Jeane for this #oywBSchallenge! Kortni created her swimsuit company in 2014, and strives for every human to have a swimsuit they feel comfortable and confident in- can I get an amen?! Kortni Jeane suits are mix n’ match, meaning you get to decide your top, your bottom, and the colors of each! They have suits for the whole family, which I LOVE. You can see below our family chose two greens, and they are ADORABLE! (If I do say so myself 😉 )


By following the challenge instructions below, you’re entered to win a free Kortni Jeane swimsuit of your own!

How do you participate in the #oywBSchallenge?

  1. Post a photo of you in a swimsuit to Instagram (you can do it!) Be sure to tag @oliveyouwhole in the photo and the caption and use the hashtag #oywBSchallenge so I can count your entry!
  2. Share a BS statement you tell yourself, and replace it with a positive statement!
  3. Tag 3 people in your post that you encourage to complete the #oywBSchallenge!
  4. Like my #oywBSchallenge post here!
  5. Follow @oliveyouwhole and @kortnijeane

When you complete the steps above, you’ll be entered to win a FREE Kortni Jeane swimsuit of your own!

The challenge will last June 1-30. A winner will be chosen on July 1. You must be 18+ to enter. US only. Swimsuits for Caroline and family plus to the winner provided by Kortni Jeane. Thank you!

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