You guys!! HUGE news! I have wanted to create an ALDI Whole30 Shopping List for three years now, since I discovered my love for ALDI!

When five years ago, my dad asked me, “Caroline, have you been to ALDI yet? I’ve found SUCH amazing food at really affordable prices!” I, of course, gave him a lecture about how affordable prices mean someone, somewhere, is getting the short end of the stick. That’s just how things work. I’m 23 and I obviously know these things… 

Then, two years later, I finally did go to ALDI. And immediately, it clicked. They save money in ALL the right places so that they can offer me affordable prices. You put in a quarter to get your cart, and that also incentivizes you to put it back. That’s one less thing for ALDI to do!

ALDI has tons and tons of their own brands, which is an ingenious way to keep costs down for the customer! NINETY percent (yes 90%!) of what ALDI sells are their own exclusive brands! I’ve found in my personal experience they exceed the quality of other national brands! This also means ZERO middle men.

Instead of stocking counters, Products are shipped in ready-to-display boxes- INGENIOUS. And instead of having an entire aisle of pickles, they choose a few of the best, and keep it at that! That means that the store is smaller, my decision making is WAY less stressful, AND since I have an ALDI down the road, I can shop at ALDI and be home in less than 30 minutes- that’s actually a legitimate miracle.

I LOVE that ALDI incentivizes me to bring my own bags!! Somehow I always remember my reusable bags at ALDI because they charge for bags, but can forget them at other stores… And I WANT to be incentivized to reduce plastic and bring my own bags!

I’m actually really jealous of whoever thought of ALDI as a concept!!

Another thing that immediately clicked with me was the products ALDI offered. They had SO many of my favorite things, at the best prices I’ve ever seen! And as a Paleo and Whole30 food blogger, I have some bizarre and health-niche food wants and needs. Organic coconut oil? Check. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Check. Unsweetened Vanilla and Original Almond milk? Check. Guacamole packets? Check. [And ALDI Guacamole *isn’t* extra 😉 ]

There is NO added-MSG, certified synthetic colors, or partially hydrogenated oils in ANY ALDI products. They’re gluten free labeling is super handy while shopping! And I think you’re going to be surprised at how many ALDI Finds are on my Whole30 ALDI Shopping List!!

I can honestly say that shopping at ALDI allows me to affordably live this Paleo lifestyle, and for that I am eternally grateful!!

Let me tell you about some of my ALL time faves here, but be sure to check out the entire ALDI Whole30 Shopping List below with HUNDREDS of approved items- swoon!!

This post is sponsored by ALDI, but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

Little Salad Bar Mild Guacamole Packets

As you all know, I LOVE that fat is my friend. Healthy fats are an amazing way to stay fuller longer. And avocados are a great healthy fat! My all-time favorite ALDI hack is getting these Mild Guacamole packets in BULK. And you’ll never guess where I keep them: in the FREEZER!! (Seriously!) They thaw out SO well. When one of the other packets in the fridge is getting low, I just pull another pack down from the freezer and let it thaw in the fridge. I’ve learned to put this guacamole on EVERYTHING. On potatoes or sweet potatoes in the morning. In soups, on meats, on veggies. You name it, I’m putting guacamole on it!

Friendly Farms Vanilla Unsweetened Almond Milk

You know from my list of Whole30 Approved Almond Milks that they can be hard to find!! Even when we’re not doing a Whole30, we’re dairy free in our home, so having this staple at ALDI is amazing!

SimplyNature Organic Mediterranean Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This EVOO is what I cook with all day, every day! Another healthy fat that’s a great replacement for unapproved vegetable and seed oils.

ALL the nuts!

I feel like nuts are usually pretty expensive… and ALDI has some really affordable and versatile options! There are some snacking nuts and you can also find some others in the baking section…

Dried Fruit

I’m obsessed with the fruit strips!! They’re so easy to stick in my bag and keep on hand as emergency food, and my kids LOVE them. We’ve seen these in Raspberry, Strawberry, and Blueberry flavors!

Nature’s Nectar Coconut Water

I absolutely have fallen in love with coconut water!! It’s so light and refreshing. And it replenishes electrolytes! Win win!

Some other favorites that are on the ALDI Whole30 Shopping List:

So, if you’re like me and have never been into an ALDI, go! Don’t just go, RUN. Share your experiences below- I’d love to hear what you think!

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