If you’ve listened to the radio for a single minute in recent years, I’m sure you’ve heard of PRP injections! But what are they? If you were to cut yourself and you get a little scab, if you put it under a microscope it would be full of platelets. As that scab starts to remold itself you will find the platelets on the underside that you can’t see. They are breaking open and releasing these things called growth factors and cytokines from platelets to instigate that healing process. 

Hence, through PRP injections, they’re harnessing that same power by pulling platelets out of your blood, in this instance PRP, and causing that same kind of healing process in areas that doesn’t usually have good blood flow. 

In today’s episode, let’s have a talk with Chaz Fausel, MD, a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R) Specialist [and my beloved husband!] about the different stem cell and PRP injections available in the market right now and how they can impact your health over time.

Listen to the show, Stem Cells and PRP Injections: 

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How stem cell therapy works
  • What causes conflict 
  • Kinds of injuries they treat
  • Types of shortcomings that 
  • The Future of Insurance for stem cell treatment
  • Chiropractors using inferior products and blind injections

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