I gave you all a little horseradish sauce teaser in this recipe for bacon wrapped sirloin and I am SO EXCITED to it share it with you today! It’s suuuuper creamy, spicy, and packs an unexpected punch in every bite.

To keep this recipe Whole30 compliant, I make my horseradish sauce with homemade (or Primal Kitchen) mayo. Find my homemade mayonnaise recipe here!

Do you know what horseradish actually is? Horseradish is a root vegetable! It’s in the same family as mustard, wasabi, broccoli, and cabbage!

Most creamed horseradish found in grocery stores are not Whole30 approved or paleo because of the oils (like Canola, dairy, and white wine they often contain.

Instead, let’s make our own! It’s more delicious anyway 😉

This horseradish sauce is also INCREDIBLE on all kinds of potatoes!! We make roasted fingerling potatoes and dip them in this sauce.

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Whole30 Horseradish Sauce



  1. Peel horseradish and cut into small pieces.
  2. Blend fresh horseradish pieces in food processor with mayo until smooth. Any ratio is fine depending on how spicy you want the sauce to be (I prefer 1 teaspoon horseradish per tablespoon of mayo).