I saw my friend Jenna (@jennaskitchen) participating in the #clearthelist campaign, and I knew immediately I wanted to get involved! Teachers- you sent in your Amazon wish lists and I started sharing!

Instagram just wasn’t the best platform to continue sharing, so I moved it here!

What is #clearthelist?

Let’s first start by saying that teachers are our future. They are pouring their hearts and souls into our little ones every. single. day. 1) I passionately believe teachers are underpaid!! If we could figure out a way to pay them exorbitantly for the amazing work they do, I would! They deserve every penny we can get them. 2) Did you know most teachers have to pay for their own room’s supplies? They come out of pocket a TON for supplies that will help their children learn.

This is unacceptable!!! We have to help!

#clearthelist is a campaign for US to help teachers completely clear their Amazon lists of supplies they need for their classrooms!

For teachers:

Thank you for those of you who shared your lists with me!! My hope is that by putting them here, you’ll get more things off of your lists!

If I didn’t get to your list yet, please share it in the comments of this post! Please share a bit about you, what grade and/ or subject you teach, the city and state of where you teach, and your Amazon wish list link! The more info you can share, the more people will find connections with you and be excited to donate!

For my readers:

I hope you will help these amazing teachers by purchasing items off of their lists!! If you want to help someone in your city of state, use the “search” function on your browser (command f) to search! You can also use this function to search for anything: special education, social workers, someone’s Instagram handle, etc.

Want to learn more about a teacher? I made their Instagram handles clickable so you can see their account if it’s public.

Simply click the link below the teachers’ comments to shop! When you get to the shipping part of your Amazon checkout, it will allow you to ship to the teacher’s address (hidden for privacy).

Can’t afford to help?

Share this blog post! Copy the URL and share it to your social media channels. Tag other teachers you know. You don’t have to be an “influencer” (eye roll at that term) to have influence! YOU can help!

The list of teachers’ lists- let’s help them #clearthelist!

@theprimitiveplate “Hi Caroline! What an incredibly sweet idea! I work in an elementary school as a School Social Worker in a Title 1 school in TX. Thank you so much for your support of teachers and educators! I appreciate it so much!”

Shop Emily’s list here!

@thecrumbleisreal “Our first day was yesterday! Thank you so much for your support. We just completed our third day of school and I still have several students who have come with zero supplies. It’s up to my. I’d love help ‘clearing the list’. I teach 5th grade in a Title 1 school in a suburb of Atlanta.”

Shop Sydney’s list here!

@mrscaithubbell “You’re the sweetest! Thank you 💕💕💕” 

Shop Caitlyn’s list here!

@candycepremeaux “I just saw your stories for teacher lists! I am so loving seeing all of the support. I am a second year teacher teaching high school and trying to build up my supplies! One thing I’m wanting to do is create a class set of zipper pouches with each one containing a highlighter, glue stick, colored pencils, pencils, and a pair of scissors. The last thing I want my kids worrying about with school and home things is not having the supplies they need. My plan is to have a set of 30 (I have 30 desks) and each student will have easy access to supplies. That’s one of my big to-do’s for my students! Thank you so much for this. Thank you for any and all love and support. 💕”

Shop Candyce’s list here!

@realexander (her list was submitted by her sister @lindseypilgreen): “My sister is a 6th grade teacher in Alabama and works really hard to make her classroom as welcoming to her students as possible. She’s created such a sweet place for learning!”

Shop Rachel’s list here!

@meghantrahan: “Thank you for supporting teachers. So awesome of you to do this! Here is my list.” 

Shop Meghan’s list here!

@amanda.wheeler07 “I am a Kindergarten teacher in Southern West Virginia. All of our sweet babies are on free lunch. I could really use some great reading resources to help our students bridge the gap we are facing in WV!”

Shop Amanda’s list here!

@susanna_gagnon “I’m a teacher on Nashua NH in a low income, high all population- our students struggle with their emotions, behaviors, and often come to school hungry, tired, and may not know where they are going home to. I teach our special education population and love every challenging minute. Thank you so much!”

Shop Susanna’s list here!

@the_kate “I’m in Oregon and I’m transitioning to a new position where I help the “naughty” kiddos (aka: those that need the most love) overcome hardships and ACES to be successful in their classroom. We focus on social emotional development: focus, emotions, relationships, etc. Thank you!” 

Shop Kate’s list here!

@mdbarboza25 “Hi there! It is so greatly appreciated that you are sharing our message!!! ❤️❤️ I am a teacher in Texas and am entering my 11th year of teaching, but my first year as a first grade teacher. I love my job and am always so excited and eager to start a new school year! I work at a title one school, which means that a high percentage of our student population comes from low socioeconomic demographics. At my school, it is over 90% of our population. Many students show up to school without supplies. I always strive to provide my students a learning environment that will help them thrive and eager to learn. Items on my list will help me to accomplish that. Any help is truly appreciated!”

Shop Marissa’s list here!

@karrloper “Hi there! SOOOO thoughtful of you to share teachers wish lists. As a first year teacher, I have spent so much money trying to get my classroom ready. I am teaching first grade in Hemet, California. All of the students get free breakfast, lunch, and some even get free dinner. A lot of these students aren’t going to have the supplies that they need to succeed. I am so thankful for people like you who are willing to help my students. Thank you so much! I’m so grateful!”

Shop Karlee’s list here!

@sharleygb “I’m in Salt Lake City and I’m moving from kindergarten to first grade, which means setting up a new classroom. I’ll have 27 students this year and would love any help getting my classroom supplied for a new school year!” 

Shop Sharley’s list here!

@whole_food_family “I’m a high school Agriculture teacher with an emphasis on Animal Science. It is amazing that you are sharing/helping teachers get what they need for their classrooms. Today was our first day back!”

Shop Jennifer’s list here!

@akrue396 “This is my sixth year teaching third grade, and I can’t imagine doing anything else! I work in a Title 1 school where all students receive free lunch and breakfast. Our classroom may be the most stable place for them, so I want to make it the best it can be for their comfort and happiness!”

Shop Anna’s list here!

@nadiatw “Amazing what you are doing to support us teachers. Thank you in advance! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I am beginning my first year as an ESL teacher at a charter high school in Newark, NJ. I previously taught in New York City and Rockland County. I am so excited but nervous! Any help will be extremely appreciated.”

Shop Nadia’s list here!

@dhobb8 “Hello my name is Danielle and I am a teacher in a city school in Syracuse, NY. As a teacher our students come first; if you could help that would be amazing! The district can only supply so much but the students need much more. I am a 3rd grade teacher in a  Syracuse inner city-school. Some of my students are ENL students and I also teacher an inclusion classroom one block of the day. I am very excited for this school year! These supplies will benefit my students in math, science, and social studies. This will be my 3rd year teaching. I spent my summer teaching at a preschool.” 

Shop Danielle’s list here!

@jess_dilkes “Hi! This upcoming year will be my 2nd year teaching kindergarten in a low income area. My goals this year are to make a welcoming, safe environment for my students as well as becoming more organized. This year, I would like to add more hands on activities as well as a calming corner to help students that need it. With this, I am working on making my classroom an ocean theme! Please help me give my students a safe and fun learning environment!”

Shop Jess’s list here!

@spinksf ”🍎👩🏼‍🏫 @lindseyking23 👩🏼‍🏫🍎 is an amazing 3rd grade teacher in St. Louis where 80% qualify for free lunch/breakfast and 20% struggle with homelessness. At her Title 1 school, most kids are at least 1-2 levels below reading at grade level and Lindsey teaches English Language Arts to all third graders, plus she has all the English Language Learners (who hail from all around the world) in her homeroom. She most needs headphones for guided reading on the classroom iPads, and books for her classroom library (most of these kids don’t have access to books at home). We would be so grateful if you can help clear her list. She is already back in school, the kids arrive tomorrow! 🍎👩🏼‍🏫 “

Shop Lindsey’s list here!

@tanabrown9 “I am a new first grade teacher in Texas. I love this profession and I love my kids, but providing for my classroom is so difficult. We do it out of love for our students. We do it because nobody else will. I made a list solely for books. Building a classroom library can get very pricey and I would love any help I can get to provide these kids with books to read everyday. ❤️❤️”

Shop Tana’s list here!

@avocado84g “This is such an awesome movement!! I am a special education teacher. After 12 years of working with 5th graders I was switched to Kindergarten (which was also right when I came back from maternity leave) and the adjustment was very difficult! I made it through because I had to for the little kiddos and I’m excited for this next group!! Anything to help clear my list would be greatly appreciated!!”

Shop Carissa’s list here!

@brittaniminto “I am a K-6 Special Needs teacher. I teach in Lakeland, Florida. This is my 8th year teaching!” 

Shop Brittani’s list here!

@anna_eps “This might be unconventional so I understand if not allowed but I am a child life specialist at a children’s hospital in Memphis TN. My job is to help give kids a sense of normalization while they are hospitalized. While their peers are heading back to school, my patients are dealing with being in the hospital. We have a wishlist open year wide to help provide play opportunities to our patients 😊 we have a school teacher in our department that helps the patients with school they are missing and this list benefits her as well!”

Shop Anna’s list here!

@georgiadawg01 “What a beautiful soul!!! I love people with big hearts like yours! I teach kindergarten in a poor area in Georgia.”

Shop Stephanie’s list here!

@ohhmarieee “Love love love 💕💕 I’m going into my first year of KINDERGARTEN and couldn’t be more excited/nervous about this important job! I always live by “teach the change you wish to see in the world” and I can’t wait to meet my kinders in a few weeks ❤️❤️❤️ “

Shop Marie’s list here!

@Saramcarter “I am a second grade teacher in Clinton, NC!! My students and I would appreciate any donation, big or small! This is my fourth year teaching. Thanks so much for your support and post!!”

Shop Sara’s list here!

@kels.mckinnon ”Hi, I’m a first grade teacher in West Valley City, Utah! Most of my kiddos come from low income families, most of them having free or reduced lunch. We have a large population of refugee families and immigrants from Mexico. We have the most amazing kids and parents! Our school does not send home supply lists and I fund this all out of pocket each year. I always strive to provide my kids with out-of-this-world experiences at school because they deserve a little magic in their life. I’m so grateful for everyone that is sharing things like this to help teachers. 💕😭”

Shop Kelsey’s list here!

@mhandley19 ”I’m a 3rd grade teacher at a title one school. Last year I spent 10% of my salary on supplies and it is never enough. I would love any help with my list! Thank you! 

Shop Michelle’s list here!

@mstangteaches “As a newer teacher, getting school supplies for my class and making sure my students have what they need to learn is a huge stress each August. I’m a fourth grade teacher in NC!”

Shop Ashley’s list here!

@katiemc.grew “I am working diligently on making this upcoming school year amazing for my incoming kindergartners. This is my first year teaching integrated kindergarten with a class that has disabilities and many that come from low income families. I am teaching in South Seattle and I am actively creating the perfect space. I know that I will be on my own for most of the school supplies I need throughout the year. I am starting from scratch as last year I was a special education teacher for fourth and fifth graders at a different school. Most of the things on my Amazon wish list to help create the perfect sensory stimuli and environment for my students. I know that if I set up a welcoming environment and bring a smile every day we will have a great year. I am also going to school full time to get my masters in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Anything helps! Thank you for doing this!”

Shop Katie’s list here!

@mamahoff4 “I’m a 5th grade science teacher from a small town in rural Georgia. I see almost 90 students a day with a variety of needs and services. Many of our students do not have opportunities for experiences beyond our town, so we strive to bring experiences to them in our classrooms. We try to keep our students active and engaged through lots of hands on experiments and labs. Our first day is tomorrow and we are so excited to begin a new year!”

Shop Chassidy’s list here!

@melaniebellville “I am a special education teacher in Iowa and I would be so grateful for you to share my list! ❤️❤️”

Shop Melanie’s list here!

@solsnowcrafts “I am a 7th and 8th grade English teacher in Alaska. This year I will also be teaching Journalism. I am at a new school this year and the bookshelves are empty. My classroom has lots of empty bookshelves. I am trying to expose my students to a variety of books in our classroom and start a student led newspaper. I love teaching, but I am a single parent and can’t afford to get my students everything they deserve.”

Shop Heather’s list here!

@Amandapetitt “This is so amazing of you! I have followed you for a long time in my transition to eating paleo. I am on another new adventure now. I am a first year teacher and so excited to teach 1st grade in Hemet, Ca. The is a low socioeconomic area. The students that come to my school will not bring supplies needed to be successful. They all are given a free hot breakfast and a free hot lunch. These will be the only meal for the day for many of my students. It is my hope to help them feel welcome and loved at school. I look forward to being a safe place and help them gain a love for learning and preserving. Thank you for your support!”

Shop Amanda’s list here!

@_dani_c_ “I am a 3rd year teacher with a little family of my own 💙 I’ve funded everything for my classroom all on my own for the last 3 years. Now I am teaching in immersion, which means I have 48 students! Double the fun, double the love, double the supplies, double the wear and tear. I have funded my flexible seating classroom all on my own, but funds are low and I’ve only got about half the seats and supplies I need. Any little bit helps. Thank you for sharing!”

Shop Daniele’s list here!

@urbankindergartenteachermke “Kindergarten teacher in Milwaukee where 94% of my students live in poverty. I’d love any little bit of help in providing healthy snacks and much needed supplies.”

Shop Andrea’s list here!

@tavhata “I’m an AP Spanish teacher in Houston, TX. I work at a Title I school. Thank you so much for your generosity.”

Shop Tav’s list here!

@krae428 “Hi! I’m a teacher in a low income district in New York. I teach 8th grade science and high school chemistry. Thank you for supporting this movement! It is greatly appreciated!”

Shop Traci’s list here!

@katsnow26 “I’m a second grade teacher I’m VA and this is my second year teaching, I try and buy little by little over the summer but this summer I haven’t been able to buy as much as I would like because I have my second little one on the way, anything helps!!”

Shop Kat’s list here!

@jrdnbrk “I’m a high school teacher in a low-income district in Ohio! I’ve been so blessed this year to move into a new position as the advanced placement history teacher. My new position means a new classroom to make cozy and new curriculum to map. Please help me in making this year the best for my kiddos! I’ve just been informed that the district will not be buying textbooks for my over crowded classes. As an AP teacher, that’s extremely disheartening considering my kids take a test at the end of the year that could give them college credits. Please help me provide materials that will help low-income students succeed! 💗”

Shop Jordyn’s list here!

@Bayls_329 “Thank you for all of the love!!! I am going into my second year of teaching 1st grade at a low income school in central North Carolina! My babies deserve the world and I do everything in my power to provide them with the resources they need to be successful! Thank you for helping me create the environment that they deserve!”

Shop Baylee’s list here!

@shannonwbeaton “I can’t thank you enough! I am a 2nd year, 4th grade teacher in MA! This time of year really can be so stressful for teachers as we prepare our classrooms to be as welcoming and comforting for our students. It’s a sad reality that if we teachers didn’t purchase a number of the things we do.. what our classrooms would look like 🙈 A number of my students last year arrived to school with no materials. I spent my first week purchasing pencils, erasers, folders, glue sticks, etc. for them to be successful. So I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate any support ❤️ “

Shop Shannon’s list here!

@mismora “My name is Samora and this is my 1st year teaching. I’m going to be teaching 2nd grade at a low income area in Elizabeth City, NC.”

Shop Samora’s list here!

@Alexishorton I’m a kindergarten teacher in Florida! 

Shop Alexis’s list here!

@Ssrroe “Hi! I’m a teacher in Michigan. I’m starting my 2nd year in a few weeks. 😬 Last year I taught a K/T1 split and this year I’ll be moving down to Young 5s. I’m excited to start school with them and give them a strong foundation. I’m hoping to get more hands-on items to help their learning!”

Shop Samantha’s list here!

@nati417 “Hi!! Thank you so much for doing this! I am a kindergarten teacher in a Title 1 School in Dallas TX. This is my second year teaching kinder babies and we absolutely love doing hands on activities and have fun while learning! Thank you again for supporting this movement! We really appreciate it!”

Shop Natalia’s list here!

@Kaylee_annn14 “Hi there! I’m in Washington and I’m going to be a first year teacher! setting up a new classroom definitely adds up, but I want to be able to give my future students the best 😊. Thank you in advance!” 

Shop Kaylee’s list here!

@mathteacherlove “I am a 4th grade teacher at a title 1 school in metro Detroit. My goal is to put diverse, engaging texts in the hands of my students! ❤️”

Shop Emily’s list here!

@katangel864 “I teach middle school reading in South Carolina, and would love to implement some new units, but need children’s (picture) books to get them started. Per my district I can’t post my wishlist publicly, so please ask for my list privately. ❤️” (send her a DM on Instagram to get here list!)

@donutforteaching “Hi I teach in NYC. I’m a 2nd/3rd grade small class special education teacher. I teach in a title1 school meaning many of my kiddos come from low income households. Thank you for any support in clearing the list!” 

Shop Kate’s list here!

@lineysue “My name is Caroline and I work in a Title I school in Oregon. This means my kids don’t get a lot of options or variety in the materials and supplies they have access to. I spend money on the more “boring” materials I need for school. The items on my list are things that I think will really get my students excited about learning and coming to school everyday.”

Shop Caroline’s list here!

@winingthroughlife “Hello! 💚 I am a second grade teacher in Alabama needing a little help with some needed books and supplies for my classroom. My kiddos have varying learning needs and styles and these items would help me to meet those needs.”

Shop Kayla’s link here!

@Clairecontrada “I’m completely bewildered by this movement! I lose track of how much I spend drop every year of my own money on my classroom. I’m entering my 8th year teaching in a new school, new classroom and new grade! 7 years in K and moving on up to 2nd after moving home between states and having my first baby! Basically starting from scratch. Anything helps take the burden off of buying all these new things and supplies for this years classroom! Thank you to all who help all the teachers out there!!”

Shop Claire’s link here!

@xo_kayvee “I am a first grade teacher in Delaware. I have an inclusion classroom so some of my students have special needs. My goal is to set the bar high for each and every one of my students and to never give up on them. My students are my world and my favorite part is celebrating their success. I have a few items on my list that would make this school year the best one yet for these kids. Thank you for considering! 💙👩🏼‍🏫” 

Shop KV’s list here!

@mrs.kehm “Thanks in advance for the support. I’m a 7th grade LS teacher in an urban, low income district in PA. Many of my students don’t have basic supplies to get through the day.”

Shop Tracy’s list here!

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