Unlock the mysteries of the traditional publishing process with me, and my guest, the shrewd and insightful acquisitions editor at Tyndale, Kara Leonino. With Kara’s expert navigation, we traverse the elaborate terrain of traditional publishing, shining light on the convoluted legalese, contract negotiations, and the pivotal role of agents throughout the journey. This conversation unpacks the thriving Christian publishing arena – from the growing popularity of Christian living books to the considerations for a successful book proposal.

Our deep dive takes us through each stage of publishing. We highlight the importance of an acquisitions editor, the timing of a book’s release, and the marketing strategies that ensure it reaches the right audience. We also discuss the significant benefits authors reap from traditional publishing, including access to multiple distribution channels, marketing, PR, and team support. It’s a tour-de-force discussion that uncovers the many facets of traditional publishing, an essential listen for any author with big ambitions.

Kara also emphasizes the often-overlooked human aspect of the publishing world – building relationships. From securing influential endorsements to nurturing important connections that encourage growth as a writer, we explore how to stay motivated and fearless throughout the journey. With the right information, traditional publishing may not seem so intimidating after all.

Remember, the path to authorship is a journey, not a destination. And we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Join us, and be part of this enlightening conversation!

Listen to the show, Traditional Publishing:

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Understanding the traditional publishing process
  • Finding the right topics, platform, concept, and idea for successful books, while avoiding red flags
  • Traditional publishing timeline and considerations
  • Benefits of traditional publishing
  • Building relationships for book endorsements

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