Why does managing blood sugar even matter? Being able to read your blood sugar is like pulling back the curtain or looking under the hood to see what the heck is going on inside your body. 

In today’s episode, we chat with Stephanie Etherington, a registered clinical dietitian and a nutrition manager at a continuous glucose monitor company, Nutrisense. We talk all about blood sugar – what is it and what is considered normal for its levels? Find out when our blood sugar levels are out of range, what other factors affect our blood sugar besides food, the long-term effects of high blood sugar, and how blood sugar plays a role in weight management.

Remember, when your metabolic health is not optimal, it’s going to increase your risk for each and every one of the various pillars of chronic disease. So it pays to look under your hood to see where you’re at health-wise today!

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In this episode, you will hear:

  • Blood sugar is not a science, but an art.
  • The bio-individuality component and how CGM optimizes that
  • Understanding blood sugar testing and lab values
  • General guidelines for the normal blood glucose level
  • The benefits of wearing the CGM
  • How blood sugar affects weight management
  • Tips for controlling your blood sugar

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