Discover the enlightening journey of Meghan Tschanz, the author of ‘Women Rising: Learning to Listen, Reclaiming Our Voice‘. Meghan takes us from her conservative evangelical upbringing to her eye-opening World Race mission trip experiences, which exposed the harsh reality of global oppression of women. Get ready to hear stories of patriarchal standards in Kenya and the sexual exploitation of women in the Philippines, and learn how Meghan found herself questioning the gender norms taught in her church community.

Our discussion moves from Meghan’s personal experiences to a broader exploration of biblical womanhood, gender roles, and liberation within biblical narratives. Together, we dissect the intersections of feminism and Christianity and consider how our understanding of scripture can impact our views on gender equality. Tune in as we scrutinize the damaging effects of purity culture within the evangelical church and discuss the complexities of biblical sexual ethics in the modern world. 

Meghan shares her insights on how the church’s complicity in historical atrocities and exclusion of individuals who support women’s leadership has hindered this transformation. We look towards a future where the “People’s Church” grows, with individuals leading the change, and question the power dynamics that dictate who gets to be considered a Christian. Finally, join us as we redefine success at life’s end and discuss the balance between justice work and the pursuit of joy, using the Enneagram as a tool for self-understanding and embracing joy in justice work.

Listen to the show, Reclaiming Feminism for Christianity and the Harms of Purity Culture:

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Discovering the oppression of women 
  • The struggle and importance of feminism
  • Biblical womanhood
  • Purity culture and women’s submission
  • Reevaluating Christian sexual ethics
  • Change and hope in Evangelicalism
  • Defining a successful life with joy and justice

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